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Evolution Physical

Evolution Physical

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MODCASE EVOLUTION is a 3D printed PC case with next gen customizations for PC builders. 

Due to tremendous request, we're excited to offer it's physical availability with MODCASE 3D Print on Demand service!

3D Print on Demand
MODCASE is your virtual printer! Customize your case and order - we'll then ship a complete case directly to you.

Everything Included:

  • All optional mounts (bonus)
  • Power Button
  • 2xUSB Type-A Cable
  • Internal power cable
  • Screws
  • Physical Case

Launch Bonuses: 

1. All optional mounts and brackets.
2. Send in some pics of your build and get a free copy your case as a 3D model. It's printable! 

Your images will be part of a customer gallery to help others see it in action.


MODCASE is designed in Australia and made around the world - same printers, same filament and same settings.

Units are added daily for each of the print shops. We will continue to scale the print farms to keep up with demand.

Currently, your case ships in 2 weeks from order.

Premium Quality Assurance
Using the latest high end printers, premium filaments and meticulously tuned profiles, MODCASE aims to set a new standard for print quality for the dollar.

Need Support? 
Simply email:

Thank you for being early adopters. It's actually a milestone for us to 3D print on demand something of this size. We hope you like the new designs and fun we bring to the table.


Serial Production
MODCASE is on a mission to push the frontiers of 3D Print on Demand. Every unique case's serial number is not only for the warranty, but also your unique place in this exciting revolution in PC customization.


EVO mATX - 18.3L 1.5kg
Size 352 x 272 x 191mm
GPU Support 4.75 Slots - 340x165x96mm
Motherboard mATX, ITX, DTX
CPU Cooler Up to 158mm tall
IO Ports USB-C, USB-A x2
PSU SFX, SFX-L ATX up to 220mm
Radiators up to Dual 280mm!
Fans  4x 140mm or 5x 120mm
EVO ITX - 11.9L 1.1kg
Size 320 x 225 x 166mm
GPU Support 2.5 Slots - 305x140x51mm
Mother Board ITX
CPU Cooler Up to 135mm tall cooler
IO Ports USB-C, USB-A x2
Radiators 240mm
PSU 4x 120mm, 1x 92mm
EVO APU - 3.7L 0.5kg
Size 305 x 179 x 68mm
Motherboard ITX
CPU Cooler Up to 49mm tall cooler
IO Ports USB-C, USB-A x2

Note: Weight may vary based on customizations.


Online Instructions Manual

3D Printable Version

International Warranty

For now, if you have to import a MODCASE,  your warranty is covered, but international postage is not covered for warranty shipments.

Thank you for your understanding.

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