22 October 2022

Technical Info and FAQ

What is the MODCASE about?

What is a Production Sample?

What are the extras and experimental features?

MODCASE is Modular, Mod friendly and Expandable

3D Downloads Included

Self Assembled Kits

Open case?

The cost.

Printing methods used

Do I need a 3D printer?

Print Shop

Carbon Fibre

The mesh is printable?

Screws and tools

GPU Measurements

Will there be other colors?

Release Date


To Do before final release

  1. Final instructions and video.

  2. Decals

  3. Photo gallery.

  4. Engraving.

  5. Incorporate feedback.

  6. Hydra’s 90mm rear fan is currently mounted using supplied bolts and nuts. This will be updated to use screws typically supplied with fans.

  7. Factory made mesh belt with hook and loop. Textile factories have too large min order requirements for now.

Further Development

  1. Spend more time packaging design

  2. Full Color Nylon (Texture Map)

  3. TPU Mounts

  4. Integrate 3D POD natively on Modcase website

  5. Vector Skin templates

  6. Skins 

  7. Stock PCIE cables

  8. perimeter LEDs

  9. Stock local distributors to help reduce multiple import and export costs.

Have a question?

All efforts have been made to reflect the latest technical specs as accurately as possible, to help users make an informed purchase decision. This page is subject to change as the project continues. If you spot anything or have questions please get in touch via support@modcase.com.au