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Printer Requirements

  • Minimum Bed size 210x210mm
  • Must be able to print at 240°C

Care Instructions

Do not overtighten screws.

MODCASE 3D - Take your PC customization to the next level with 3D printing.

These fully 3D printable cases feature an endless array of color options, unlimited spare parts, multiple case sizes and customizable mods, MODCASE 3D gives you the freedom to make a build that's truly one-of-a-kind.

 Special Features

  1. Adjustable mesh density
  2. Multiple case sizes to choose from
  3. Endless color options! You can use any filament color 
  4. FAST and economical prints: 1 Day, 1 Spool $13-$20 PETG.
  5. Unlimited spare parts and even entire cases.
  6. Digitally deliverable updates and free expansions to come.

Included Models

8.4L - Compact
GPU: 2.7 slots wide, 318mm Long (Extended 330mm Optional) , 153mm Tall
CPU Cooler 54mm tall
BAYS: 1 x 2.5" Drive
Vertical or Horizontal
Size: 324x200x134mm (12.7x7.9x5.3") 8.4L 0.8kg

14.5L - Large GPUs
GPU: 3.7 slots wide, 360mm long and 163mm* tall.
CPU : 86mm tall cooler
Motherboard: ITX
Fans: up to 3x 120mm
BAYS: 4 x 2.5in Drives
Orientation: Vertical or Horizontal
Size: 366x210x188mm (14.4x8.3x7.4") 14.5L 1.5kg

13.3L - H2O
RADIATOR: up to 280MM (With extra thick radiator support via optional print)
FAN: 2x140mm, up to 3x120mm Fans
GPU: 3.3 slots wide (330 x 153 x 67mm)
CPU Cooler 54mm tall
Motherboard: ITX
BAYS: 1 x 2.5in Drive
Size: 336x263x150mm (13.2x10.4x5.9") 13.25L 1.5KG

*Height includes PCIE power connector protrusion. Factor in extra room if your card doesn’t have recessed power connectors.

In the download:
- MODCASE 3D Tiger 8.4L print files
- MODCASE 3D Tiger 13.3L print files
- MODCASE 3D Tiger 14.5L print files
- Instructions and links for screws
- Lifetime updates for 3D Tiger

But that's not all, MODCASE also comes with MODs and digitally deliverable updates, so you can keep your build fresh and cutting-edge. With lifetime updates included, you'll always have access to the latest and greatest options, like increased GPU support, thicker radiator support, and extra fan mounts.

- Optional TOP for the small 8.4L model, increases GPU support up to 330MM long.
- Optional REAR for 8.4L model with 92MM AIO support.
- Optional SIDE panels for 14.5L model with 2x120mm fans mounted from inside.
- Multi Material printing
- Extra thick radiator support
- Extra fan mounts

And the best part? Because it's a new product, the MODCASE 3D is being offered at a special introductory price, so you can experience its unique customization options at a great value.

Get it today by instant download and start building like never before!

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