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Printer Requirements

  • Minimum Bed size 210x210mm
  • Must be able to print at 240°C

MODCASE 3D - Fully 3D printable PC Cases

Personalize your case the way you want!

Special Features

  1. Universal Riser Adapter
  2. Multiple case sizes to print from
  3. Endless color options, Unlimited spare parts
  4. Adjustable mesh density
  5. Official MODs included: Modular Front IO options, case length extension and more.

3 Sizes included

14.5L - Large GPUs
Size 366x210x188mm (14.4x8.3x7.4") 14.5L 1.5kg
GPU Support 3.7 slots - 360mm Long, 163mm Tall*
Front IO USB_C, 2x USB_A, 16mm Power Button
Motherboard ITX
CPU Cooler Up to 86mm tall
Fans Up to 3x 120mm
Storage Bays 4 x 2.5in Drives
Orientation Vertical or Horizontal
13.3L - Liquid Cooling
Size 336x263x150mm (13.2x10.4x5.9") 13.25L 1.5KG
Radiators Up to 280mm (extra thick support optional)
Front IO USB_C, 16mm Power Button
Fans 2x140mm, up to 3x120mm
GPU Support 3.3 slots - 330 x 153 x 67mm
CPU Cooler Up to 54mm tall
Motherboard ITX
Storage Bays 1 x 2.5in Drive
Orientation Horizontal
8.4L - Compact
Size 324x200x134mm (12.7x7.9x5.3") 8.4L 0.8kg
GPU Support 2.7 slots - 153mm Tall, 318mm Long (330mm Extension now included)
Front IO USB_C, 1x USB_A, 12mm Power Button
CPU Cooler Up to 54mm tall
Storage Bays 1 x 2.5" Drive
Orientation Vertical or Horizontal

*Height includes PCIE power connector protrusion. Factor in extra room if your card doesn’t have recessed power connectors.

Official MODS:
- Optional Front IO plates
- Optional TOP for the small 8.4L model, increases GPU support up to 330MM long.
- Optional REAR for 8.4L model with 92MM AIO support.
- Optional SIDE panels for 14.5L model with 2x120mm fans mounted from inside.
- Multi Material printing
- Extra thick radiator support for liquid cooled model
- Extra fan mounts


► MODCASE 3D v1.3
- USB-C Option added to all models
- 14.5L: 2x USB_A, 1x USB_C, 16mm Power Button
- 13.3L: 1x USB_C, 16mm Power Button
- 8.4L: 1x USB_A, 1x USB_C, 12mm Power Button
► MODCASE 3D v1.2
*NEW* 13.3L AIO model added
- 280mm Radiator support
- Optional MODs for 73mm total radiator and fan thickness
► MODCASE 3D v1.1
- Initial release 2022
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