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MASS - Stackable NAS ITX Enclosure

MASS - Stackable NAS ITX Enclosure

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Introducing MASS

The Modular Attached Storage Stack is a compact 3D printed NAS enclosure with expandable storage support up to 13 drives! Delivered by instant download, MASS is a digital product of ready to print files with limitless color options, unlimited spare parts and ongoing updates.


  • Modular Body
    Stackable Drive expansion up to 10x 3.5” + 3x 2.5” drives.
  • Fully 3D Printable
    unlimited colors, spare parts, instant digital delivery and downloadable updates.
  • Vertical design
    Minimal foot print with straight up airflow.
  • Customizable
    Official MODs and optional mounts.
  • Affordable
    ITX NAS approach with Free version available.
  • Simple assembly
    consolidated parts and 1 screw type for all.
  • Easy access
    Individual drive access with large bay doors.
  • Clean and strong
    Prints on even budget 3D printers.
  • Add a display
    Mount a stat screen on the side or on the top slats.

Drive Bays Up to 10x3.5” + 3x2.5" 4x3.5”+ 3x2.5"
PCI-E Slot 1 Slot Low-Profile NA
Fans 4x 140mm or 120mm 3x 140mm or 120mm
CPU Cooler 66mm tall 55mm tall
Printer Requirements Min. Bed 210x210
240°C Nozzle
Min. Bed 200x200
240°C Nozzle
Core Size (APU) 210x199x162mm 6.7L 203x199x151mm 6.1L
Bay Module 199x162x150mm 4.8L 199x150x150mm 4.5L
Motherboard ITX ITX
Material 1-2kg PETG 1-2kg PETG
Handles Low profile and standard options NA
Display Mod Top or Sides (Labs feature) NA
Additional 2.5" Bays Optional mounts for 2x2.5" drives in a 3.5" bay NA
Mechanical PBT Optional: use keyboard switch as power button. NA

Required Hardware

Screws: M3x20 (40pcs) - Link
Power Button: Ø16mm - Link

⬇️ Download MASS FREE Version (v1.1)

MASS_Instructions.pdf (v1.1)

If you have trouble with the download links, contact or alternatively, you can add the FREE version to cart and checkout. 


How much does it cost to print?

1-2kg of filament. MASS is tested on generic PETG. You can typically find 1kg rolls for $13/kg each (Link), $12/kg if you buy 4 (Link), $10/kg if you buy 10 (Link)

Premium vs Free difference?

Premium has PCIE slot support, holds 5 drive per caddy, supports up to 13 drives, has handles, extra 2.5” drive adapters, Flex PSU bracket, addon Fan modules and ongoing updates. It supports development of more awesome designs.

Can Free version use premium modules?

No. MASS Free Version was the original model without PCIE slot, making it slimmer by 11mm on the width of the tower, and thus not compatible with the PCIE equipped Premium model.

MASS Free is still a potent enclosure with 4x3.5” bay support and can technically stack up to 8 drive bays using M.2 HBA.

Is MASS durable?

MASS is built with an intimate understanding of the non-anisotropic strength properties of FDM. The parts are appropriately designed to overcome layer splitting issues by orientation and print settings. MASS development is committed also to ongoing improvement to ensure it is a durable and reliable option for your NAS setup.

How to connect more than 4 drives?

To expand the beyond the 4 sata ports on most ITX motherboards, you can install a Low profile PCIE SATA card on the premium model. You can also use an m.2 SATA controller to add a few more.

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