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MODCASE Evolution is a stunning 3D printed PC case, refined and simplified for modern printers. Print yours with limitless color options and enjoy unlimited spare parts!

Simplicity Evolved

  • Minimal part count. Easy assembly.
  • Reference layout. No riser cables.
  • Ready-to-print files, no CAD experience needed.
  • Print from 3 sizes and a library of optional parts.

3 Sizes included!

EVO mATX - 18.3L 1.5kg
352 x 272 x 191mm
GPU Support 4.75 Slots - 340x165x96mm
Motherboard mATX, ITX, DTX
CPU Cooler Up to 158mm tall
IO Ports USB-C, USB-A x2
PSU SFX, SFX-L ATX up to 220mm
Radiators up to Dual 280mm!
Fans  4x 140mm or 5x 120mm
EVO ITX - 11.9L 1.1kg
Size 320 x 225 x 166mm
GPU Support 2.5 Slots - 305x140x51mm
Mother Board ITX
CPU Cooler Up to 135mm tall cooler
IO Ports USB-C, USB-A x2
Radiators 240mm
PSU 4x 120mm, 1x 92mm
EVO APU - 3.7L 0.5kg
Size 305 x 179 x 68mm
Motherboard ITX
CPU Cooler Up to 49mm tall cooler
IO Ports USB-C, USB-A x2

*Weight can differ according to customizations.

Printer Requirements

Nozzle Temperature: 240°C 
Bed Temperature: 90°C 
Bed Size:
APU - 180x180mm (2 Part frame)
mATX - 200x200mm (4 Part frame)
ITX - 240x170mm (2 Part frame)

Any printer meeting the above specs will work.
E.g. Bambulab P1p, P1S, X1C, X1, Prusa Mk3s+, Mk4, Sovol Svo1 pro, Creality K1

Print time:
Bambulab take 0.5 Days for APU, 1.5 Days for ITX and 2 Days for MATX. Normal printers without input shaping take about 4 times longer.


EVO is available officially as an editable and ready-to-print CAD library for the tinkerers. A complete 3D assembly with all optional and alternative parts included in one place - ready to export and print. 

The model has rich features distilled down to a meticulously simplified form. It is made of clean bodies with selectable features that can be moved and updated numerically or by dragging.

No CAD expertise is needed to change many of the features. Read more on the CAD's editable features in the instructions manual here.

What's Included

EVO mATX Print File   ✓    ✓
EVO ITX Print File   ✓    ✓
EVO APU Print File   ✓    ✓
Optional parts   ✓    ✓
EVO mATX - CAD Library    ✓
EVO ITX - CAD Library    ✓
EVO APU - CAD Library    ✓

Required Hardware

Screws: M3x20 (20pcs) - Link
Power Button: Ø16mm - Link
Power Cable: Angle Right - Link

For Optional hardware such as USB ports and Reset button, see full instructions manual here.

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