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HYDRA is a stunning semi-open carbon fiber PC case like no other. Made possible through a combination of CNC carbon fiber and 3D printing, the HYDRA combines the openness afforded by carbon's strength, while special mounting features are handled by 3D printed parts.

The open frame design of the HYDRA works great as an open case, and can be converted to a closed case with the included breathable soft top mesh belt. The HYDRA also comes with a 3D package of user-printable spare parts, making it easy for users to dive into the world of 3D printed customizations.

HYDRA is part of a limited production run of custom cases made from real 3K woven Carbon fiber, to assess real-world costs and viability as a production models. Each case includes printed on demand parts from Australia and ships in 10 working days from order. It comes as a flat pack in plain OEM packaging. The cases are double boxed for extra protection, and include a QR code for instructions. Order now and experience the style of carbon fiber.

Please note:

This is a DIY assembly case. We recommend that you review the instructions manual before making your purchase. 

International buyers should also refer to the shipping policy for information on possible import charges before checkout.


322 x 264 x 164mm (10.4x6.4x2.3in)
370 x 264 x 164mm (14.5x6.4x2.3in) - With vertical base addon.

Customizable Plastic

Any part seen in orange signify components that can take on different colors and materials via 3D printing.

A BLACK set of prints are supplied.

Downloadable Contents: Universal mounting bars, Fang, CubeNut, Skids, PSU Mount, Spacers, Hub Mount.

Care Instructions

Do not overtighten screws.

HYDRA Assembly Manual

In The Box

1x Hydra Carbon Fiber plate set
1x Black FDM Print Pack
1x Mesh Belt
1x Extras accessories pack
1x Screw Pack
2x USB 3 front IO
1x Power Button
1x Internal Power Cable

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Carbon Core

With a rigid core, Hydra can also function as an open case. A great way to show off your build among the carbon fiber.

The mesh is a fiber reinforced and continuous belt that wraps around the entire frame for maximum airflow.

Full Dissassembly

Hydra's construction is relatively simple and is a classic ITX motherboard layout with directly socketed GPU. 

Like Tiger, Hydra is also completely glue free. It can be completely dissassembled and is designed to be user serviceable and upgradable.

Modular Upgrades

MODCASE is designed for the factory of the future.

3D STL files with beautiful printability are supplied for many of the components.

For those who don't have 3D printers, additional and customized parts can be ordered via spare parts page. 


Core Size: 322x264x164mm (12.7x10.4x6.5") 13.9L 0.95kg Nominal
Motherboard: mini ITX, mini DTX
Fan and Radiator: 90mm, 120mm, 2x120mm, 240mm
GPU Size: 69mm Thick, 141mm High, 308mm Long
CPU Cooler: 139mm high
Material: Carbon Fiber
Drives and Accessories: Multiple options via universal mounting system.


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