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Scalable Fan Shroud

Scalable Fan Shroud

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This shroud is a model I used personally and have made for many others. You're welcome to download and print as many as you need for non-profit use.

120mm + 140mm Download

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  • Scalable thickness
  • Smooth shroud geometry
  • Less than 50 cents to print
  • Adds a touch of color to your build

How to scale:

Scaling is done in your slicer. Load the model and scale the Z dimension. That's it!

Taller prints are essentially ducts that could be used to deliver fresh air closer to components. For example, when you de-shroud a GPU, the ducts can be added to fit between your aftermarket 120mm fans and the case wall to duct fresh air directly.

Why use a shroud on a radiator?

You may notice when cleaning your radiator, there's a clean outline in the shape of your fans motor hub and spokes.

Extreme example.

If you have space, adding a shroud to a radiator can improve airflow over the fins and reduce noise by distancing the fan from the fins.


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